SHP Power Summit 2017

It is now time to put Dubai on the
International Powerlifting map.
27th and 28th October 2017
Warehouse Gym, Al Quoz, Dubai



One of the fastest growing sports around is Powerlifting. A lot of national federations have doubled their licensed lifters the last 4-5 years. It is now time to put Dubai on the International Powerlifting map. The best way of doing this is to bring in a few of the absolute top coaches around to spread their knowledge to power and strength coaches from Dubai, the GCC region and all over the world.

We invite you all to SHP Power Summit 2017!

During this 2-day workshop (plus an extra open workout day on 26th October from 10am to 1pm) Mike Tuchsherer, Ryan Doris and Bryce Lewis will talk about a lot of different perspectives on the sport of Powerlifting. Some selected topics are; integrating hypertrophy, movement quality, competition peaking, RTS toolkit and emerging strategy framework.

Mike Tuchsherer will present exclusive material containing programs and several worksheets, which cannot be found outside of his seminars.


Quality information

Evidence based practice applied to real life coaching.

On your front door

Some of the worlds best Powerlifters offering top class training and advice.

Practical application

Practical workshops that deliver lots of applicable tools and techniques for your toolbox.



Mike Tuchscherer

Owner and founder of Reactive Training Systems. Mike has earned 5 medals at the IPF World Championships (2 bronze, 2 silver, 1 gold) and, in 2009, became the first male in USA Powerlifting to win a gold medal at the World Games. In addition, he has personally coached over a dozen IPF world-level competitors, 12 IPF World Record Holders, and also many intermediate level lifters who simply want to continue building strength in the midst of a busy life. This range gives Mike a unique insight into getting to the core of building strength. Additionally, Mike is the author of the Reactive Training Manual, which popularized the usage of RPE in the world of weight training.

Bryce Lewis

Powerlifting coach and founder of The Strength Athlete, a company offering elite comprehensive coaching for athletes around the world. In addition, he is a competitive powerlifter in the 105kg weight class and the current USA national champion, and a World Championship silver medallist, with best competitive lifts of 313kg squat, 215kg bench, and 350kg deadlift. Through The Strength Athlete, Bryce aims to spread knowledge, motivation, and the joy of powerlifting within the worldwide community of athletes.


Ryan Doris

Ryan is an 93kg USAPL Raw Powerlifter as well as a Natural Pro Bodybuilder. Some of his best powerlifting performances are a silver medal at the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge and top five at USA -PL Raw Nationals. He has also won the IFPA Pro International and placed second at the INBA Natural Universe in Natural Pro Bodybuilding.
Ryan is also a strength and physique coach who specializes in power building. His coaching style integrates the best of both worlds for bodybuilding and powerlifting for athletes to achieve their physique and strength goals. His current project alongside his coaching is, "Fortis EQ". Which focuses on simplifying comple -x philosophy and psychology for athletes to integrate into their mental psyche.


This 2-day workshop is tailored for the intermediate/elite lifter that want learn how to design better programs and get a wider understanding to the importance of analysing movements and excersice selection. Also for the professional strength/powerliftingcoach that looking for absolute top-notch knowledge and guidance. Better role models/coaches than Bryce Lewis, Ryan Doris and Mike Tuchscherer are very hard to find.


I am already a Level 3 PT and have been doing squat, deadlift and squat or a few years. Will I benefit from this workshop? Absolutely! These three guys have been competing and coaching for a long time, guiding lifters from all different levels of lifting all the way up to world record holders. You will for sure pick up a lot of good stuff.

Will there be time to train with the guys? Yes! On the 26th, there is an open workout at Warehouse Gym from 10am-1pm. You will get the chance to see some impressive lifting, also pick up some practical tips before the actual workshop starts on the 27th.

I am a cyclist trying to collect some information for my strength program during the winter. I am not really to strength training that much. Would the workshop guide me in the right direction? Honestly, no. It will cover powerlifting specifically and powerlifting in combination with hypertrophy training. SHP will host workshops to better suit your needs in the future!

It says on the information that UAE residents pay more than International Guests, what´s up with that? We are expecting most attending the workshop will be from the Dubai area we decided that people from Europe, US, Asia and other parts of the GCC region will be given a 15% discount because of their traveling and accommodation expenses.


Open workout to be held at Warehouse Gym, on 26th of October. Timing: 10am - 1pm.

Date27th and 28th October 2017

LocationWarehouse Gym, Al Quoz, Dubai

Timing9am to 5pm


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